M Digital Design (Magazine Digital Design) was started as an early approach for creating print replica digital magazines. In addition to flipping pages (page turn web scripts) we installed publisher tools like issuu, zmags, bluetoad, uberflip and still maintain some of these systems today for association and business publishers. Our objective in recent years is to enhance the digital publication beyond print replica formats. Adobe digital editions and add-on tools for the InDesign multi-channnel workflow are similar to other tools that only partially extended the PDF to a online presentation. Today's publisher often seeks instant magazine online solutions for newsletters, reports, brochures, and other publications yet these tools still require user flipping instead of a scrolling experience today's reader loves. Every other UX allows the audience to scroll and flow their content vs. the horizontal experience of pages turning or sliding online.

Today, we're upgrading association and trade publishers from flipping book style plaltforms to the modern and responsive browser based digital edition tools. Beyond hyperlinks for ads, and trials for DIY folio builders we think that modern editorial layout and design for every publication in a mobile optimized format is best.

We are proud to announce the launch of one of the best modern digital publishing platforms: VERTIQUL digital edition publishing platform! The digital publishing solution for publications that demand a full service digital edition platform.