About Us

Magazine Digital Design is the leading supplier of publication website and digital editions for small to mid-sized publishers in North America.

Our array of solutions and consulting supports independent, group, and custom publishers that do not have a web development staff teams yet understand the importance of their brand online. Our company mission is to provide our clients revenue producing online tools that are easy to manage yet offer unlimited growth capabilities.

mDigital Design website development, client consulting, and training is provided by our experienced web publishing team. Our services are organized to quickly implement solutions custom tailored to each publication. Efficiency in each project segment is the key to our rapid deployment and low project costs. And while our focus is to deliver a solution utilizing the latest web technology, we also offer website management & maintenance for publishers that want a full service partner as they grow their online presence.

We maintain an active production calendar and can typically begin a new project within 4 weeks of the accepted proposal and the production can be completed in as little as one month.

If you would like to request a complimentary consultation please contact us at (951) 256-4944 today or by email via our Request a Quote form. Once we have determined your requirements and budget, we can prepare a proposal tailored to your needs.