Web Design Features

Our website design features for publication websites allow publishers to utilize their website as a news, information, and interactive readership portal for their brand niche online.

Our website design options allow publishers to select the features most important to building online growth and revenue. Each option is configured to allow for the right balance of readership participation and publisher control of the website content.

Prior to you new website launch, our comprehensive training and strategy consulting will direct you on how to manage each element you have selected to be included in your online offerings.

Key Options & Features:

  • Strategic Website Plan - Magazine online strategy plan consulting with consideration of brand positioning, competitive niche market space, online conversion objectives, circulation, and advertising revenue goals.
  • Custom Web Design - Each new site design is created based on a review of the style and web presentation elements that supports your publication online. Mock design layouts are created prior to development for publisher approval prior to development and site configuration.
  • Web-Based CMS Database - Open source web based content management software provides the MySQL powered databases to manage all primary article and story content on the website. Web content staff, editors, and contributors can be assigned separate permission levels for posting and approving content to go live.
  • Advertiser / Resource Directory - Category and sub-category directory database with logo and custom fields for magazine niche focused resources. Site administrator or visitor entered listings with editor approval prior to live presentation.
  • Social Media Links - Social media bookmarking links to all major social bookmarking and social sharing network sites.
  • E-mail Newsletters - Commercial server based newsletter send and database management service. Opt-in website based form fields and send management for new email newsletter subscribers. Capable of sending to lists with over 500,000 email subscribers.
  • RSS Content Syndication - RSS feeds for selected channels or content groups as well as an overall new website content feeds.
  • Publication Blog - Separate Blog CMS database for magazine editors / contributors to participate in blogging. Widget-ready weblog styled to match overall publication website theme.
  • Banner Advertising System - Display and text banner ads management system for serving ads across selected page regions and website zones.
  • Photo Galleries - Multiple photo gallery or image rotator tools for display of images in gallery or content modes.
  • Multimedia - Video, audio, and streaming media tools for displaying multimedia content.
  • Script Element Control - Script based accommodation for third-party magnets and web tools to display off-site information, feeds, or functions.
  • On-going Support & Maintenance - Website management support, backup, and maintenance upgrade service options. Web content management available. See our Support options for further details.

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